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Name 5 characters you didn't like at first, but eventually learned to love.

Well, now... I'm usually pretty consistent in who I hate. More often a character will start out ok and then will slowly grow OFF me (like Logan (DA)). So this might take some thinking.

1. Saul Tigh, Battlestar Galactica
2. D'Anna, Battlestar Galactica
3. Krycek, X-Files
4. Amanda, Highlander
5. Worth, Cube
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Happy Friday the 13th!

What are the five most outrageous misuses of science in science fiction?

1. Armageddon. Like, all of it. (still fun to watch, though)
2. SGA, "Adrift", when they blow up the asteroid at the base of the tower... and there is NO DAMAGE. In vaccuum. *shakes head*
3. AHA! Independence Day; the computer virus. Just... DUDE.
4. Warp Speed. (Aside - nevertheless, I *love* warp speed.)
5. How they always make explosions in space have noise.
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Name your five favorite fictional apocalypses (or near misses).

1. The destruction of the 12 Colonies [Battlestar Galactica new series]
2. Judgement day [Terminator]
3. The apocalypse [Road Warrior]
4. The creation of the Reivers [Firefly]
5. The biblical apocalypse [The Seventh Sign]

There are so many more I totally love! Hard to choose.
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What are the five best comic adaptations?

Are there seriously more than 5? (Mentally counts) huh. I guess there are. I shall also count graphic novels, cause I *want* to.

1. Harsh Realm. Oh, I miss you!!
2. Batman Begins
3. X-Men (1)
4. 300 -- the graphics alone make this a classic.

A fifth, huh? Hmmmm.

5. I'll go with... the original Superman.

There ya go!
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First of all - holy smoke where did May GO???

Today's fannish: What were the five most painful fictional breakups?

Well, gee. You know, while I tend to enjoy shipper stuff I don't tend to get emotionally invested in the characters so much that I react to their to-ing and fro-ing relationship-wise. Most of the painful breakups I can think of were death-related. SO... hmmm. How about, in no particular order...

1. Sonny Crockett and the Ferrari Spyder. That was a beautiful car and it did not deserve to die in an enormous fireball of mini-epic proportions. Though I have to say, what a way to go.

2. Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon. I know all about how Londo was the original owner yadda yadda, but the "take care of her" was Just Sad.

3. Methos and MacLeod, in Comes a Horseman. So depressing how a tens of thousands dead can wreck a good friendship.

4. Scotty and the Enterprise. There is never another one like the first.

5. Terminator and his sunglasses. I know they died bravely, punched from his face, but still. Not the sunglassess!!!
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In what five fictional places would you like to live?

1. Atlantis (SGA)
2. A Weyr (Pern)
3. Robin's Nest (Magnum, PI)
4. BatCave (Batman)
5. Liberty Avenue (QAF)

Note: It is only cool to live there if you're a lead. :)
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What 5 series/books/movies can you rewatch/reread time and again?

Only FIVE?

How about... Five of each?

TV Shows
1. Stargate: Atlantis
2. Battlestar Galactica (new)
3. Star Trek TNG
4. Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner Show
5. Friends

1. Aliens
2. The Road Warrior
3. Terminator Series
4. Black Hawk Down
5. Pitch Black
(and many, many more!!)

Books (Series)
1. Anita Blake (by Laurell K Hamilton)
2. Tiger and Del (by Jennifer Roberson)
3. Chronicles of the Cheysuli (by Jennifer Roberson)
4. Furies of Calderon (by Jim Butcher)
5. Honor Harrington (by David Weber)
(and many, many more!!!)
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What are your five favourite resurrections?

Well. Interesting. I think for this one I will have to include movies, because I don't actually like resurrections in tv for the most part. In fact, I am drawing a blank as to ones I liked!

How about:
1. Alec in "Goldeneye". I loved 006 and I was happy to see he wasn't dead.
2. John Black revealed to be Roman Brady (at the time) -- Days of Our Lives like 20 years ago.
3. Ha! Connor MacLeod surviving his 'death', Highlander (the movie)
4. Imhotep, from the Mummy
5. Ryan's return from the deeps, "A Dog's Breakfast".

(Some of those are playing pretty loose with the definition, but I'll go with it. :) )
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What are the five best tv opening credits sequences?


1. Battlestar Galactica (new series) obviously - I mean, how awesome are they?
2. Babylon 5, season 5
3. Tour of Duty
4. House
5. Spooks Season 1.
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Prompt: What are the five most depressing episodes/chapters/scenes?

Well. Damn.
Spoilers Behind the Cut for Shows Long Dead )
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What are five things you never thought you'd see in canon?

Hmmm. I'm going to first go with the interpretation '... that happened anyway.' In no particular order...

There are spoilers below. Of course. )

for the interpretation '... and I never will, no matter how much it would ROCK.'

I will never see in canon:

a. McShep. McDex. *sigh* (SGA) Kara Thrace / Dualla. (BSG)
b. Dean was given demon blood as a baby, too. Superspecial Dean! (Supernatural)
c. The Cylons win. (BSG)
d. The Wraith win. (SGA)
e. Bobby has been a demon, all along. (Supernatural)


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