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The renovation is (just about) complete. All of the elements of the bathroom except the window/door casings are done, and there is no more. :) It looks great. Was it worth all the work and irritation? I haven't decided yet. But, take a look!
My New Bathroom )

The water heater is holding up really well. Thsi is what I found when I opened the old one up:
Water Heater Hell )

In the excellent side, Goblie and I had a *great* road trip. Day summaries and pics to come. We're home now obviously, and it's back to the grind.
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Yeah. The last few days have been quite the emotional rollercoaster and flurry of activity.

First - The Freaking Awesome! Goblie is here! Her plane was on time, and we've been hanging out the last 24 hours. I love goblie very much, and I am always so happy when we get to hook up that everything else becomes more tolerable.

Things like: The Catastrophic! Failure! of the water heater. Yes... my water heater sprang a leak, and poured water into its electrical panel. Bad, oh yes, *very* bad things ensued... including a flood in the basement, potential electrocution, and the rather sudden necessity of moving more than 200 pounds of machinery into the house. Plus money. Lots and lots of money.

The Bad - I found that my faucets didn't fit my vanity, my toilet hose was missing (and the new one too short), and the sink drain does not line up with the sink. *mutter*

But! I installed a new water heater from scratch, got new faucets (again with the $$$), got another new toilet hose, and somehow got almost everything done today. AND I had goblie's company, and a not!sick!happy! Mr. Inf.

Overall, the day ends on the plus side. Woo hoo!
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Today WILL be the last day. After two nights/mornings that went til 4am, I'm in the final stages. Last minute problems included a too-short spoutpipe (requiring that I lengthen the copper pipe) and toilet screws that are at least 1/2 inch too short. But lights, bathtub faucets, walls and floor are done. Furniture, caulking, and rehanging the door will happen tonight.

One good thing about the insanity that has been this week is that it makes my work problems seem downright trivial by comparison.

Another good thing is that the room looks *great*.
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Yes, happy campers, it is true. The bloody tiling is done. *whew*

Two days wait (during which we'll paint), then grouting, then the fixtures. We're in the final stages.

woo hoo!
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Much to my chagrin, I do not have a proper "before" picture. That is, I do, somewhere, but the answer to the question of "uh, where would that be?" is still eluding me.

Nevertheless, I'm posting a couple of the befores that I do have for all of you poor souls who are waiting with interest to see how it goes.

Pictures Below the Cut )

And here is as far as I have gotten as of today:

Newer and Improved )

I have the back wall completely tiled; just the two side walls left to do. Then grout, re-install plumbing fixtures (though if you look closely you'll see the showerhead in already), paint upper walls, install new light, and install the door to the room and the casings around the window and the door.

So - yeah. Almost done.


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