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I have been tagged by [ profile] natfudge for this one...

Write ten things off the top of your head that make you happy.

001. New things. Gotta LOVE the new things.

002. Being right. That always rocks.

003. The pretty people. Especially the pretty men.

004. My little girl. When she's being cute and sweet - which is most of the time. (Evidently this is not in order)

005. Laughter.

006. Writing... when it works.

007. The Internet. When it works.

008. Travelling.

009. Crisp days and blue skies. Or rain. Or lots of snow. Or hurricanes. Really, weather.

010. Books. I *love* the books.
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I saw this in a few places and decided to click through... then caught myself being absolutely fascinated by the psychology of it all.

VisualDNA )
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Hey everyone

You can totally blame goblie for this one. She ambushed me on MSN, and immediately forced me to do a facial recognition search! Look below to see what celebrities are surreptitiously making money off of looking like ME!

See the Celebrities trying to look like me! )
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My darling goblie caught me this time. Here goes:

Here be the rules:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

Yeah - as usual, I don't actually know 5 people who pay attention to this, so I'll skip step 6.

1. The nearest books (and there are two) are "Luscious Cravings" by Cameron Dean, and "Shadow People" by John Lawrence Reynolds. You should be shocked that neither of these books are by Nora Roberts, cause since syrai convinced me to give her a conscious try, I have been striding my way through her books with a truly ridiculous speed. I know she has over 150 books in print... and there is every chance I'll run out of them within the next month.


The books I do have - the first is an author I'm giving a shot to cause I like the font on the cover, and cause I need to read more than just Nora Roberts! It's a vampire novel; second in the series. Usually I would wait and read the first one first, but like I said - I need something other than Roberts and this looks interesting. The second is a book on the history of secret societies, a christmas present. I've been waiting to start it for me to be in the right mood. Nevertheless, it's on the table beside me.

2. Page found on both.
3. Okie.

4. (a) [Luscious Cravings] - "I had not been idle in the month since the meeting with the Board. As the chairman himself had suggested, I had done my best to use my time well. And so, or so it seemed, had my competitor, my fellow supplicant, Sloane."

Hrmn. Well - haven't read it yet, but not a particularly exciting part it seems.

4. (b) [Shadow People] - "A few scholars label it 'pagan writing', born from the scheming mind of someone steeped in Egyptian and Greek mysticism, and composed as a counterattack on the efforts of Christians to convert pagans. According to this theory, Apocalypse was meant to serve as a means of converting Christians back to pagans. In a corollary to this idea, popular in the early part of the 20th century, the 'pagans' may well have been Jews seeking to satirize Christianity for their own amusement and ends."

Ah... huh. Again, not a particularly exciting part. Not a lascivious word in the bunch. I need to start reading more salacious books, I guess. :)
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Seems I've been tagged, much to my surprise. Unfortunately I don't know five people on here to tag who haven't been already, so I'll just give that part a skip, mkay? Good.

So - 10 fictional characters I'd like to have sex with. Interesting, interesting. Since I read so much and watch so much TV, I have like bazillions to choose from. Hmmmmm...

1. Zane (from my fics) - Zane is an intensely private fellow - when the leash breaks, it breaks big time. All that passion focussed in one place would be - worthwhile.

2. Ares - What is there to say about Ares? Hot, intense, dark, and literally a God. Ares rocks.

3. Methos - 5000 years. A voice to die for. All that rage and calm and heat. Yum.

4. John Winchester - He's big, he's fit, he's hot, he's got the guns, and a lifetime of experience. That voice alone is worth it.

5. Telamachus Rhade - I loved Gaheris, liked Telamachus - and then he fell from grace and became so much more. Damn, I love complicated men.

6. oh, FINE - Duncan McLeod. Anyone who can dance like that knows what to do with the rest of his body; and he does do mighty fine swordwork.

7. Michael Pinocchio - So dark and bitter - he would be a ride to remember. Hidden depths to find there, if the time was taken.

8. Tucker Longstreet - A drawl, a relaxed attitude, and a slow hand. This would be lazy loving and entirely worth the time.

9. Ardeth Bey - A warrior and protector and gorgeous to boot. Hot nights under the egyptian moon; silk and canvas; dates and wine. Ummm hmmmm.

10. Danny Archer - Not at all a nice man; someone with some serious issues and hard as they come. It wouldn't be romantic, but it would be good - and the kind of thing you can walk away from in the morning without regrets.

I imagine there is some surprise that Alec or Dean aren't on here. While they are smokin' hot, I have the impression that both of them would be pretty selfish; and while there is definitely something to be said for a good hard shag with no attachments, I think that either of them would leave me feeling empty regardless of how much the sex was nice. So - not them. :) That being said - my Dean from Somnio Cruento would be SO worth it.

There may also be surprise that Rhys isn't there. I love Rhys, I do, and again... smoking hot. But Rhys' kinks and mine don't match, so one of us would be settling. There are worse things to settle for than him, for sure, but I have to say that there are people who are higher on the list.

It's weird... in doing this I realised I don't really *lust* after all that many of the men I read about. If this was "name the fictional guy you'd most want to have fall for you" I think I'd have had an easier time coming up with names and a harder time choosing among them!


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