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Day 1 dawned bright and early. Luckily, I missed that cause I slept in like a smart person would. [ profile] goblie on the other hand, watched it from her window. Excited at the prospect of endless hours of no company but me, no doubt.


Road Trip, Day One!! Exciting stuff below! )
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The main response I've gotten to the whole "Just got back from my roadtrip to Thunder Bay" has been --- What? You went Where? Why?

The roadtrip originally came out of my desire to drive the length of Yonge Street. World's longest road and all -- I really liked the idea of taking a car the whole length of it. Over time, the idea of driving to Thunder Bay (and passing the places I grew up and the country I loved along the way) really took hold. I had been hoping to go in the summer, but I also really wanted to go with some company, and I wasn't able to arrange any during the summer months. So, when [ profile] goblie decided to come and visit me in October, the idea was resurrected and it became the Best! Time! Ever! to go.

In the end I decided against the "Yonge Street" version, because it would have meant backroads most of the way to Hwy 11, and that would have taken close to a day all on its own. Since the most interesting parts of the trip for me started north of Sault Ste Marie, the long time driving for little distance made would have likely been frustrating, unless we'd had more time. As it was, three days each way including actually seeing stuff besides the highway would be a stretch. So, The Great Yonge Street Saga was shelved in favour of the Lake Superior Watershed Tour.

Which was awesome.

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The renovation is (just about) complete. All of the elements of the bathroom except the window/door casings are done, and there is no more. :) It looks great. Was it worth all the work and irritation? I haven't decided yet. But, take a look!
My New Bathroom )

The water heater is holding up really well. Thsi is what I found when I opened the old one up:
Water Heater Hell )

In the excellent side, Goblie and I had a *great* road trip. Day summaries and pics to come. We're home now obviously, and it's back to the grind.


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