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Saturday night, I went to see Resident Evil 3.

You know, I love genre movies. I'm not big on slasher films, but I love sci-fi, and I love zombie movies, and I love bug hunts. :) What I *really* love is when a movie is one of those things and is also thoughtful or surprising or especially clever. Resident Evil 3 is none of those things, but ... I still love the genre, and I still like the series, and it did deliver on the zombies and the story continuation. I like Mila Jovovich. I *love* Oded Feyr. I like Ali Larter too... and they all delivered nicely. So - I liked it. I give it a 6 out of 10.

Spoilers Below )

That being said, it's still worth seeing if you're a genre fan or a fan of the actors. Go in looking for an entertaining hour and a half, and that is what you'll get. Go in looking for a message or a great movie and you'll come out disappointed.
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You know, I had really really high hopes for this show. I've liked everything Cole Hauser has done, right back to Pitch Black, and I love New Orleans Jazz, Blues, and heartwarming stories.

K*Ville S01E01 Review - Spoilers here )

I'm really frustrated because I wanted to like this show. Some advice for the writers/producers if you happen to search and hit this...

Think about what you want to be, and then BE that. Do THAT thing really well. If you want to have an action show, then be an action show. If you want to be a character driven show with action elements, then go watch some Battlestar Galactica or The Unit and see how it is done. If you want to be some great mytharc show, then ok - learn how to spread it out. But stop trying to be everything all at once. It's not working, and it's going to ensure that you simply have no opportunity to be anything at all.
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This movie is from last year's Toronto International Film Festival; or possibly the year before? In any case, my very first impression was : Why the hell is this movie not rated X?

Basically, Shortbus is the story of a set of people who go to a private club, 'Shortbus'. It really focusses on two characters, one a couples counsellor (sex therapist) who's never experienced orgasm, and the second a terribly damaged gay man who has no ability to deal with having everything he ever wanted. Each of the surrounding characters has their own story, but everything comes back to the concept of restraint and the terrible fear of letting go. Of course, when you do let go, paradise awaits.

This is a really good movie. I've been trying to decide if it is because of or despite the graphic sex, and I think ... both. There are some places where the sex is at least partly there as a prop, but for the most part it is a necessary function of the story, and tells things that no other mechanism could.

Good movie.
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Yesterday I found out that the first episode of Californication is available on TMN on demand. So, I figure, might as well take a look.

It's been a while since I've seen David Duchovny in anything, and the man still looks pretty good. The lead character is a writer locked in the depths of writer's block, who lost his muse when his relationship with his common-law wife ends. He also seems to be in the middle of a wonderful midlife crisis.

I really liked it. It is certainly direct and irreverant (it opens with an offer of a blowjob from a nun), and has lots of in-your-face sarcasm, along with the joy of doing exactly what you want, and saying exactly what you want.

The relationship between Duchovny and his not-wife is awesomely done; a mix of frustration and love and acceptance and bitterness that nicely played with a minimal edge. They seem like genuinely interesting people.

I think it is worth catching, not necessarily worth planning your week around.


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