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There is a new meme running around - Post the first lines of your last 20 fics, with links. Posted latest to earliest.

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Huh. I'm still a couple of fics away from Dark Angel. How about that.

The really ironic part? The latest 14 have all be written since I was finished with fanfic. Again.

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Hey everyone

Yes - [ profile] syrainator finally convinced me to write some RyRo (Pyro / Rogue). This fic's been on the back burner for about two months, written for [ profile] kink_bingo's "sensory deprivation (touch)" prompt. It is a solid R-rated, somewhere around 2300 words.

If you're interested, you can find it HERE
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You know - this is a damned good question. I've said that I'm done with fanfiction an awful lot of times, and each time I've been wrong. Even retiring from admining NWP, I said 'that's it for fanfiction' - and I was wrong (as evidenced by Prisoners to the Dark).

I hope that's it for it, though. I like fanfiction - I like writing it, I like reading it. Mostly I like the reviews from it, of course - the constant feedback is fantastic.

So - am I done with fanfic? At the moment, I'd say - yeah. Yeah, I think I am.

Ask me again tomorrow.
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Title: Prisoners to the Dark
Author: [ profile] infiticus
Word Count: 3200
Status: Complete
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: PG
Characters: Gaius Baltar, Karl (Helo) Agathon, Sharon Valerii, Admiral Adama

Summary: They are all mired in the darkness of memory and loss. Baltar faces the Admiral on the subject of Sharon's imprisonment.

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Title: A Dirty Job (Sequel to Clean Living)
Author: Infie
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean gets some bad news and heads back to Murphy's bar
Note: I mentioned when I stopped writing that I had part of this done, and that I am not planning on finishing it. Now, people who know me know that I have a bitch of a time not finishing a fic, so who knows - I may come back to it. But don't count on it.
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Title: Acceptance
Author: Infie
Show: Supernatural
Setting/Spoilers: No Exit
Rating: G (Mature situations)
Summary: Throughout 'No Exit', Jo struggles to find herself among the echoes of John and her father, and fights for acceptance with the boys.

A/N: I hated my original version of this, so I tidied it up and now am a little bit happier with it.

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