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aside: My personal ban on the NHL remains in effect.

Sean Avery is an ass. He's what's known as a 'yapper' - he uses any insult, any personal information he has to rattle his opponents during a game. He bitches and whines and once memorably stood in front of a goalie waving his arms around to distract him, like he was playing basketball. He once publicly - to the press(!) - trash talked another player who was dating his ex-girlfriend, saying that the player was simply getting his 'sloppy seconds'. He was once traded because no one on his team would play with him, they were so disgusted with his lack of internal censor. As far as I know, he's not really matured past that, either.


He's still a better person than his agency's vice president, who today released a statement publicly condemning Sean... for supporting gay marriages.


The NHL has skirted around discussing gay players before, when Brian Burke's (a famous player, coach, and General Manager) son Brendan came out as gay. Sadly, Brendan was killed in a car accident not very much later. However, at this point in time, NO NHL player has ever come out as gay at any time, even after retirement.

I kind of hope that this kerfuffle with Sean's agent publicly denouncing gay marriage (seriously, wtf? They think that's smart?) will get the press asking the players directly how *they* feel, and maybe some actual progress will get made towards a more open future in the sport.

In the meantime (and I am sure my saying this is a sign of the coming apocalypse), GO SEAN!
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