Aug. 27th, 2010

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This weekend is Fan Expo, which is Toronto's largest and best-attended fan event of the year. It includes Anime Expo, Horror Expo, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Expo, Comic Expo, and Gaming Expo all together under one roof. I've been going for the past several years, and I can honestly say that it's the best event I've attended. Usually a bit weak on organization, especially around getting people in and out of the Q&A rooms, but overall great fun. Two years ago I got to meet (for real, not just look at) Buzz Aldrin - which was a highlight of my life so far. Aaron Douglas tends to come every year, to at a minimum cruise the floor and chat with fans. Two years ago I ran into Kate Hewlett (again, literally - I almost plowed the poor woman over) and we chatted about how devastating the cancellation news was with SGA. The authors and artists who attend are amazingly fun, and easily 70% of the 60K people who show up cosplay too.

Who knows what I'll see this year!
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I'm very happy to be here.

Of course, that could be the 4 Long Island Iced Teas speaking. :)

It took a bit longer to get downtown than usual, thanks to lots of construction on the roads, and my brain fade of forgetting that one can not get to Spadina from Lakeshore, but about 1/2 late I arrived at my hotel, which is connected directly to the Convention Centre where the event is being held.

What greeted me was... A line up. A really, really LONG freaking line up.

I called Ash to see where he was. His answer: in the line; about a kilometer from the entrance.

This is the first year that we've seen such a thing, and it turns out that it is largely due to the event being held in the North building this year, instead of the south one. When the event is in the south building, the line sort of loosely travels through the whole (ginormous) convention centre, and the actual processing of the people happens much more in bulk. This year, the crowd was forced to gather on the street rather than within the building, because there were only two doors through which to enter. Apparently the Toronto police department got a bit concerned about the size of the crowd (which was in the several thousand even before the doors opened) and took over crowd control.

For myself, I managed by accident to line jump straight to the front, and ended up not waiting in line. When I got through to the pre-paid ticket section, there were ten (10!!!) ticket counters that were manned but had no line up - because the Toronto police security detail had elected to only allow 100ish people through the doors at a time.

Did a walkabout the vendor floor - fun stuff in the Tron booth, the Buried Alive coffin ride, the Alien pod booth, and it was lovely to see a Supernatural Metallicar (with correct license plate) taking up the CW booth.

I still would have rather seen Ian Somerholder, but I can't really complain.

I got to talk to some of the artists I like, and sat in on a couple of sketch duels (always fun).

I have yet to decide if I forgive them for having Tahmoh Penikett's Q&A at the exact same time as James Marsters'. Right now, it's not looking good.



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